About Me


I’m Chrissy T. and I have created this blog as a space to share my personal journey through “Chrissy T. Creates”.

I am a creative; vocalist, actress, model, and now adding to the resume, blogger! When I was a child, I wrote in diaries, short stories, poems and songs, but it wasn’t until I became an adult and went through a traumatic event, that writing literally SAVED my life. Journaling became cathartic for me and helped me gain a new perspective on life during the healing process.

Shortly afterwards, in January 2012, I embarked on a health journey that has taught me (and still teaches me) my potential is limitless. I’ve achieved great success with my health journey, along with other opportunities, goals and achievements in my creative fields. I wanted to create a space that promotes self-love, personal development, acceptance, self-care, holistic health…with a dose of classy ratchetness from time to time!

Chrissy T. Creates will also be a creative hub for promoting new music, artists, performances, endeavors and projects. Share my (Creative) World will page will spotlight the dopeness that transpires!

I hope that you will find my path inspiring – and, I pray that you too, will pursue the very things that set your soul on fire.

I am excited that you’re journeying through this creative haven with me!

Creatively yours,

Chrissy T.