Goodbye 2018…Hello 2019!

I seriously can’t believe it’s about to be 2019, ya’ll! This year went by too fast! My end-of-the-year tradition is to have a day of reflection where I sit and read through my journal entries from the past year and see how much I’ve grown, accomplished and learned. Let me just say…WHEW CHILE! 2018 started off SUPER ROUGH, but ended on a HIGH NOTE! LOL!

Last night, my cousin had a vision board gathering where we listed all of our goals we’d like to accomplish for the next year; it was beautiful to share with like minded individuals what our goals are, reflect on 2018’s achievements and lessons, and pray over our goals together! Cus, the Bible says “…for where two or more are gathered….” HA! COME ON 2019! #MustardSeedFaith #dontbelievemejustwatch #SnatchinWigsAll2019

Ok, focus girl. Alright, so now that 2018 is coming to a close, I will share some of the biggest lessons and achievements I’ve learned from this year:


  • Continue to tune in and speak out about mental health; don’t be ashamed or embarrassed of going to therapy. Discuss healthy alternatives for anxiety or depression with doctor. Be open to medicine, if needed. Put health first.
  • Lose 30 lbs. before 30th birthday; lost 31 lbs. in less than 3 months
  • Create blog dedicated to expressing my creativity, while motivating, encouraging and inspiring others on their life’s journey.
  • To be more of a listener and have a heart of compassion. Sometimes, just being present and listening is more therapeutic for the other person than receiving advice.

May- August

  • Celebrated my 30th birthday on 05/16; took a solo trip to Nashville and LOVED IT!
  • Launched this beautiful blog #ChrissyTCreates!
  • Being decisive, knowing what I want AND not apologizing for the choices I choose to make; trusting that the decision I make will lead me toward the path of my destiny.
  • Study karmic relationships. Be knowledgeable about it so that you know how to finally walk away from the karmic relationship you endured.
  • Auditioned and received the role of “Woman #2” in CATCO’s production of “Eubie!”
  • Learn to actually sit with your emotions and FEEL THEM. YES, they hurt…badly, sometimes. But, in order to overcome challenges, fears, anxiety, depression, etc. you can’t run, hide, self-indulge or work yourself to death from dealing with the pain. The pain will continue to be there until you face it.


  • Performed in “Eubie!” for two weekends; one of the best acting experiences I’ve had thus far.
  • To stand flat-footed in my truth; to be more courageous and bold in expressing myself and voicing my opinion without any guilt or shame.
  • Shared my testimony, as a motivational speaker, at the “I Love Me” conference; one of the most liberating experiences I’ve had.
  • I AM an empath, and that’s OK. I know I need to make sure I protect my energy around energy-draining people, set healthy boundaries and learn how to say “no” at the right times.
  • Quit my job as a banker (which I HATED) and became a licensed educator at Sonshine Christian Academy (SCA).
  • Directed SCA’s first all-school production called “A Christmas Story”; it was my directorial debut….and a dream come true!
  • To continuously work on loving myself wholeheartedly and to not second guess my intuition because it’s ALWAYS right!

……and that was just SOME of the major milestones I’ve learned or had in 2018!

As 2018 closes out, my hope is that you’ll invest and take pride in your self-growth. Taking the steps to elevate creates windows of opportunities and propels you toward your future successes, so that you’ll be ready when you arrive. I would definitely encourage you to reflect back on what the year brought you and create some new goals for 2019. If you wanna call them New Year resolutions, cool. Either way, let’s go into 2019 with a bang! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

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